Emu Technologies

Nationally recognized co-founders, Dr. Peter Kogge, Dr. Jay Brockman and Dr. Ed Upchurch, put together a team of world renowned computer architects at Emu Solutions. For the past five years, this team has been developing an Exascale-capable computing architecture designed specifically to tackle the ‘Big Data’ applications that are choking today’s supercomputers.

Emu holds numerous patents and patents pending for it’s proprietary technologies designed specifically to address data intensive, real-time Big Data analytics. We combine finely grained parallelism with in-Memory computing and migration of compute context to data. This architecture is perfectly suited for real-time analysis of massive sparse data and streaming data that cannot be addressed with any conventional computers. The result is greater scale, greater efficiency and lower energy consumption required to deliver real-time pattern matching and trend analysis that is essential in threat intelligence, personalized medicine, fraud detection and machine learning.

Emu has offices in New York, NY and South Bend, IN.

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